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Age: Unknown
Gender: Male

Power: Shadow control. He is able to manipulate shadows and give them substantial form.

Description: He's very tall, with a lean, wiry frame. His skin is so pale it's almost translucent. He has very long black hair that is drawn into a slim braid that hands past his hips. His eyes are pure electric blue, both the sclera and the iris with only small black pupils in the center.

History: No one really knows how old he is, but they're pretty sure he's be around for a long long time. There have been snippets of legends in long forgotten books about him. Some say that he was once in search for eternal life and infinite knowledge. He had found..something that granted his wish but it drove him irreparably mad. Others say that he had traded his soul for ultimate power, but it backfired and drove him insane. Nonetheless, whatever he did, it permanently damaged his mind and psyche. After that he went on a mad rampage killing everything in his path. He was finally stopped, but at the time he was to powerful to destroy. So he was bound in a network transmutation arrays and buried deep in the bowels of the earth to be forgotten. His time in the dark void of nothingness that was his tomb drove him, if possible madder. He now has an intense and phobic fear of the dark (being trapped away in the darkness, he's got multiple personalities and schizophrenic to boot). He was found by the Nephilim Organization, who released him, but were more prepared for him than those that had originally bound him. They used technology to bind him, but he was to wild to control, so they buried him in the bowels of their building for further study.
He was all but forgotten, until one day a little girl caught hold of his mind. Ophelia, a very strong telepathic, had sensed his fractured mind. It drew her down into the sub-basement of the Nephilim facility. He was a raving mad monster, but she slid her mind into his and quieted the voices that tormented him. That night a bond was formed and a pact was made. From then on Faust went nowhere with out Ophelia, and Ophelia went nowhere without Faust.

Character belongs to ZombieRodent
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