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The Dragon Derkholm

a. Name: The Dragon Derkholm
b. Gender: Male
c. Age: Thousands of years old
d. Physical Heath: Derkholm is very old but still in the prime of his life.
e. Appearance: Derkholm the dragon sports hundreds of woody black scales and a spiked, club like tail. His underbelly is a dusky purple, and from his chin hangs a wispy white beard. He has a mass of darkened ivory horns that are cracked and chipped from the long passage of time. His eyes, once a molten gold, are now milky with age.
f. Intelligence: Centuries of hoarding books has made Derkholm a very smart dragon. He’s also old enough to have practical knowledge, not just book smarts, as it were. He uses the smaller drakes to continually bring him news of the outside word and all the current literature.
g. Diet: His omnivorous and enormous appetite is restrained only by his own finickiness in what he will consent to eat. He does have a secret passion, however, for Italian cuisine.
h. Family Origins: Derkholm was the only surviving dragonling from a clutch of five, laid by the great Dragoness Cileno. It had been an especially hard winter, and Derkholm was the only one not to die in the shell. He never knew his Sire, mainly because his mother didn’t know either. She had mated with several other males to produce the clutch, but there were suspicions that his Sire was the Dragon Smirgoth. He was born in the southern valley of the Underlands, a place of cold hard granite and lush greenery. His mother spoiled him, since he was her only child, giving him his every desire, so she was the one that started his obsession with books. He was raised to take her place as the area’s next Dragon Lord.
I. Environment and Culture: Derkholm is an obsolete dragon lord from a bygone era, a dark cave has been his home for the last several centuries. Almost every nook and cranny of the labyrinth like passages are filled with shelves and shelves of books.
j. Friends and Social Life: Derkholm has no friends to speak of, but he has minions. He rules over the less intelligent drakes of the area because they are easily manipulated. Though sometimes he longs for a companion to have an intelligent conversation with. But there is no time for that now. He must amass enough power to take back what is rightfully his.
k. Occupation and Income: Well.. He’s a dragon lord. A dragon version of an overlord. Unlike most dragons, he doesn’t collect gold or silver (Although he has a small horde just for bribing purposes) but instead he gathers book. Old obscure tomes are his favorite.
l. Main areas of Strength: Derkholm is intelligent and deals with his enemies with ruthless efficiency. He’s quick on his feet (mentally) and able to improvise. He’s very good at biding his time, because as a dragon, he has the time to wait.
m. Main areas of Weakness: Derkholm is stubborn and obstinate at times. He’s also extremely hard headed (not just because of the horns). He does have a nasty habit of being a bit lazy, not wanting to physically move unless he has to (hey that’s what minions are for).
n. Long Term Goals: To take back his kingdom from the clutches of Muffin.
o. Main Ambition Right Now: To gather up power, knowledge and armies of drakes, which he believes will be the keys to defeating Muffin.
p. Any other Distinctive Attributes: Derkholm breathes more smog than fire now a days due to his lack of activity, but don’t let his lethargy fool you. He is extremely deadly when need be.
q. Words that describe your character: Ancient, stubborn, pride, lazy, intelligent, vengeful, lonely, manipulative, crafty, ruthless
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