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Tulette loQin

Typically called Tulette

From The Worst Possible Way of Doing Things

Setting: European-esque, medieval/Renaissance-blend

Relationships: Gent and Sibba are her mercenary teammates, and Kenreciel joins them later; Tulette could conceivably end up paired with any of them. Gent/Tulette would be a physically active (in every sense), very argumentative couple; Sibba/Tulette would be a playful, girls'-night-out relationship that people would often mistake for a friends-with-benefits setup; Kenreciel/Tulette would be a yes-ma'am couple, with Kenreciel making would-be romantic gestures and Tulette telling him exactly what to do all the time.

Personality: Level-headed but light-hearted; honorable but pragmatic

Profession/Abilities: Tulette is a traveling mercenary, and is the administrator of the group; she has a good business sense and head for numbers, and is talented at negotiating.

Species: Aybold: she has a mouse-like tail about two and a half feet long, big round mousey ears, whiskers on her face (most emerging from her upper lip, but also a few shorter ones from the corners of her jaw and her eyebrows), and a very pointed nose. Her two front teeth are pointed toward each other and somewhat long, and her fingernails are long, thick, and pointed.

Age: 32

Height: Short (about four inches shorter than Gent)

Build: Slender, but with a rather large bust

Skin: Pale peach, very slightly greyish

Hair: Grey, slightly brownish tint; falls just past her shoulders and usually hangs loose

Eyes: Brown

Clothes: Loose plain brown trousers tucked into her boots; these are heavy, plain black leather coming up to just below the knee. She also wears a couple of heavy black belts for holding equipment, specifically her sword; this is a plain silver rapier. Her shirt, pale brown, is form-fitting, with long sleeves and a wide round neck low enough to show just a little cleavage. Over this she wears a plain vest of dark brown leather; the neck of the shirt is wide enough to show some skin beyond the edges of the vest.
Character belongs to kuroiyousei