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Setting: Anywhere a member of the Alliance might typically be found, though Bryn particularly loves Ashenvale and her home of Teldrassil

Relationships: Kokkuja is her girlfriend, and they face the trials that any interracial, cross-faction couple must. Kokkuja's flirtatious ways (ineffectual as they may be) tend to make Bryn jealous, and Bryn's pride and stubbornness often irritate Kokkuja, but the two are very loyal to each other. They are a fairly playful couple, and enjoy exploring places together; Bryn often cooks for the two of them, and loves to watch Kokkuja fight.

Pets: Bryn loves spiders, and always travels with a tamed spider companion. Greenstar is a furry creeper from Teldrassil perhaps five feet across and the exact same color as Bryn's hair. Corners is a hairless venomspitter from Stonetalon a little larger than Greenstar, and a warmer and greyer color of green. Dust looks just like Greenstar but is grey. Ticki is black and hairless, with a number of large red spots on her body, and thin legs. Facet is shaped similarly to Ticki, but is a translucent crystal-blue, and her body is faceted like a jewel.

Personality: Brynariath is very independent, preferring to go through life unaided -- and, to be quite honest, something of a bitch with her mind-your-own-business attitude and arrogance. She enjoys the company of her pets over that of other sentient beings (excluding Kokkuja), and feels only a passive loyalty to the Alliance and even to her own people. Her true loyalty, however, once won, is fierce and unshakable, and she has a strong sense of fair play. She also has a bloodthirsty streak that few ever see (Kokkuja being one of the few).

Profession/Abilities: Bryn has no job as such at this point, content to wander and meet new animals, supporting herself and her pets by hunting. She's very good with a bow, and to a lesser extent with a pair of long daggers. She likes fine work with her hands, such as sewing and cooking; she also skins animals for leather.

Species: Night Elf

Age: 57 (young adult)

Height: 6'7"

Build: Slender, curvaceous, medium bust

Skin: Greyish blue-purple; grey-green lips; she has green markings around her eyes that give her a dark, somewhat angry look.

Hair: Warm green; shoulder length; she usually puts part of it up in a small ponytail and lets the rest of it hang, but any attractive style is appropriate.

Eyes: Blue-white and typically glowing

Clothes: Despite any evidence to the contrary in outdated screenshots below, Bryn will only wear what flatters her figure and natural coloring -- and, since she often makes it herself, she's able to maintain this pickiness. She favors blues and greens and dark cool browns, and, knowing herself to be very attractive, likes to accentuate her curves and show off flesh -- rarely to the point of eroticism, however, and not usually while traveling. For the latter she sticks to pants and tends to wear a lot of leather, whereas in peaceful areas she prefers shining fabric dresses.

Screenshots: With Corners | With Greenstar | With Greenstar again (rear view) | With Dust | With Facet | With Ticki

You can also see her at the armory, though the profile will only be active if I've played her recently.

Lastly, not a screenshot but a picture I actually drew can be seen here, featuring non-sexual nudity and therefore not entirely work-safe. In this picture you will also see Ticki.
Character belongs to kuroiyousei
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