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Marean Jeuroh

Typically called Marean

From The Downside of Paradise / Just Like Home

Setting: A sewer

Relationships: She is Moreay's mother. She and Aves are in love; however, not wanting her to feel any obligation, he doesn't show it until she drags it out of him, and they only ever have one night together. Most of the time it's just meaningless flirtation on his side and a good-natured but cynical response from her. Marean provides sex for all the members of Retta's group when they request it.

Personality: Marean is very bitter about her situation, and usually unhappy; however, she always puts on a cheerful face for her son's sake.

Profession/Abilities: Upside Marean was heavily involved in theater, as she is a very good actress and a fairly good singer. She retains these talents, of course, but has little use for them Downside. There, she's a prostitute.

Age: Late twenties

Height: Medium

Build: Slender, thin

Skin: Pale peach

Hair: Red-brown

Eyes: Brown

Clothes: Whatever she can find in the sewer
Character belongs to kuroiyousei