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Kessell Envele ni Kiroha

Typically called Kessell

From Touched and Untouchable

Setting: European-Renaissance-esque; Kessell lives in a palace

Relationships: She is Chimae's bodyguard, and while this arrangement stands they cannot touch each other -- they pass right through each other's bodies as if they were ghosts. They are good friends that enjoy gossip. Kessell pursues Doireh romantically and overbearingly, though her actual feelings for him are unclear.

Personality: Nosy; straightforward, completely unsubtle; somewhat overbearing; generally upbeat and friendly

Profession/Abilities: As mentioned above, Kessell is a princess' bodyguard. She is very skilled with a sword-and-dagger combo.

Age: 32

Height: Tall (about an inch taller than Doireh)

Build: Medium, muscular, flat-chested

Skin: Brown

Hair: Black; falls to mid-back; usually braided (sometimes one or two larger, sometimes multiple smaller braids); thick bangs

Eyes: Black

Clothes: She wears the typical all-black garb of a Kirohan bodyguard: straight-legged button-up pants with no pockets, not particularly loose but not so tight as to inhibit motion; a collarless, button-up, short-sleeved shirt, again at a nice medium between tight and baggy; a heavy leather belt to hold a short sword (steel, black sheath) and long matching dagger; and plain, high black boots. In colder weather she would wear a knee-length jacket with no fastenings in front except a sash at the waist, buttons at the cuffs, and slightly padded shoulders. She sometimes wears a bandanna tied around her upper arm, with the symbol of the Kirohan order showing, but I don't have a reference for that symbol so feel free to omit this or just draw a plain bandanna.
Character belongs to kuroiyousei