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Gent Corrick

Typically called Gent

From The Worst Possible Way of Doing Things

Setting: European-esque, medieval/Renaissance-blend; Gent travels a lot

Relationships: Sibba and Tulette are his mercenary teammates, and Kenreciel joins them later; Gent could conceivably end up paired with any of them. Gent/Sibba would be a wild relationship full of drinking and strenuous exercise; Gent/Tulette would be a physically active (in every sense), very argumentative couple; Gent/Kenreciel would be a friendly but somewhat argumentative couple, and also somewhat awkward at first because of Gent's issues with homosexuality.

Personality: Nice, straightforward; passionate, hair-trigger temper; perceptive and good at picking up on things quickly

Profession/Abilities: Gent is a mercenary; he's a very skilled defensive warrior, and uses a sword that deflects magic. He has fairly extensive knowledge of basic politics, military strategy, and court etiquette. He is an expert at reading body language and other non-verbal cues.

Age: 27

Height: Medium (a few inches shorter than Kenreciel)

Build: Somewhat stocky, well-muscled

Skin: Tan

Hair: Red; falls to lower back; he keeps it tied back, usually in a braid but sometimes in a low ponytail

Eyes: Blue

Clothes: A loose white button-up shirt with a band collar and loose bishop sleeves buttoning at the wrists; loose brown trousers with no particular defining characteristics tucked into his boots. These are heavy, plain black leather coming up to just below the knee. He also wears a couple of heavy black belts for holding equipment, specifically his sword. This is a fairly typical-looking longsword with a bronze hilt and a black sheath. He is left-handed.

Note: It is important to be aware that Gent looks very much like a woman. His features are very effeminate and his clothing tends to obscure his figure enough that, with his long hair, he is constantly mistaken for a female.

I once commissioned a picture of Gent and Kenreciel; it's extremely accurate, and can be considered a reference. You can see it here.
Character belongs to kuroiyousei