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Setting: European-esque, medieval/Renaissance-blend fantasy; Ghenidr lives in the royal palace for several years before traveling the kingdom with Aria.

Relationships: Ghenidr is Aria's bodyguard, and later her husband; their relationship is largely based on exploration of their mutual psychosis and the world as they see it thereby; they enjoy wounding each other and discussing pseudo-philosophical/social issues.

Personality: Disconnected from reality and generally placid, though he does have random moments of passionate outburst (usually while fighting). Psychosis requires him to make physical contact with something to feel any sort of connection to or sense of reality about it. He has an unexpected cynical streak, but usually seems to be without emotion. He likes to cut himself (relating to his aforementioned psychosis).

Profession/Abilities: Ghenidr is a skilled warrior that fights very aggresively and recklessly; injuries either to himself or his opponent heighten his sense of connection to his enemy as well as his concentration, therefore enhancing his skill. He is very quick on his feet, an expert with knives and swords of all varieties.

Age: 35

Height: Tall

Build: Broad, muscular

Skin: Pale, slightly greyish; usually somewhat sunburned; freckled; scarred

Hair: Black; wavy (almost curly); falls to just past shoulders; fairly wild

Eyes: Gold; deep-set; heavy, dark lashes

Clothes: He wears all black, though it's generally got quite a bit of blood on it: sleeveless shirts and leather pants, a belt and a wide chest strap to hold his weapons, and another belt with little silver, red-eyed skulls on it just because he likes it. He carries two short swords, a long dagger, and a short dagger, all at his waist, and a huge curved sword at his back. He wears large black boots with visible steel toes, heels, and bands.
Character belongs to kuroiyousei
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Ghenidr and Aria
Ghenidr and Aria
Ghenidr and Aria

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