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Doireh Ariza ni Kiroha

Typically called Doireh

From Touched and Untouchable

Setting: European-Renaissance-esque; Doireh lives in a palace

Relationships: He is hopelessly in love with Alach, and is his bodyguard; while this arrangement stands they cannot touch each other -- they pass right through each other's bodies as if they were ghosts. Alach goes out of his way to tease Doireh, who, however, doesn't generally show his annoyance -- nor how much Alach's not-infrequent callousness bothers him. Doireh is sought after (also somewhat hopelessly) by Kessell.

Personality: Very intelligent and perceptive; he's quiet and serious, but easily annoyed: when he does speak, it tends to be blunt, sarcastic, brusque, rude, or all of the above.

Profession/Abilities: As mentioned above, Doireh is Alach's bodyguard, and can sense when the prince is in immediate danger. Doireh is exceptionally good with a sword.

Age: 36

Height: Tall (about an inch taller than Alach)

Build: Narrow-framed but muscular

Skin: Light brown

Hair: Black; falls to mid-back, no bangs; usually tied up in a low ponytail or braid

Eyes: Grey

Clothes: Doireh wears the typical all-black garb of a Kirohan bodyguard: straight-legged button-up pants with no pockets, not particularly loose but not so tight as to inhibit motion; a collarless, button-up, short-sleeved shirt, again at a nice medium between tight and baggy; a heavy leather belt to hold his longsword (steel, black sheath); and plain, high black boots. In colder weather he would wear a knee-length jacket with no fastenings in front except a sash at the waist, buttons at the cuffs, and slightly padded shoulders. He sometimes wears a bandanna around his forehead, with the symbol of the Kirohan order over his left temple, but I don't have a reference for that symbol so feel free to omit this or just draw a plain headband.
Character belongs to kuroiyousei