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Setting: Primarily central Kalimdor, but she could conceivably find her way to anywhere on Azeroth (keeping in mind, of course, that she's Horde)

Relationships: She had a one-night stand with Ayniwa, and they got along fairly well for a while; but after Kokkuja and Brynariath got together Ay became more of an enemy than a friend.

Kokku and Bryn face the trials that any interracial, cross-faction couple must. Kokkuja's flirtatious ways (ineffectual as they may be) tend to make Bryn jealous, and Bryn's pride and stubbornness often irritate Kokkuja, but the two are very loyal to each other. They are a fairly playful couple, and enjoy exploring places together; Bryn often cooks for the two of them, and loves to watch Kokkuja fight. Kokkuja is always on good terms with Brynariath's pets, wrestles playfully with them, and generally doesn't mind if they bite or hurt her in the process.

Personality: Kokku is jovial and energetic, if a bit blundering. She has a temper, but is generally kind; in fact, she has a tendency to like everyone until they do something rotten, and feels protective, even motherly, toward weaker beings (whether they like it or not). She really wishes the factions could get along. She'll flirt clumsily with anything living and female, and even some that are male or undead.

Profession/Abilities: Kokkuja is a blacksmith that runs errands on the side for extra cash. She's also a skilled warrior with a two-handed axe; she loves fighting, and has no qualms with attacking other warriors... but dislikes hurting or killing young, innocent creatures.

Species: Orc

Age: 22 (Adult)

Height: 6'1"

Build: Bulky; broader than most female orcs but not as wide as a male; big-busted; stands slightly hunched over (though not as much as a male would)

Skin: Earthy green; she has tusks, of course, protruding from beneath her lower lip

Hair: Black; she changes the style occasionally, and usually tends to favor a more severe look involving less hair and less contact between hair and head. She's had a mohawk, boar tails, and been completely bald; anything that fits the aforementioned severe look works.

Eyes: Dark brown

Clothes: She has very little fashion sense, and tends to wear a lot of bright colors all jumbled together regardless of whether they match each other or look good with her own natural coloring. For a while she had a mail hood she was very fond of, and in safe areas she likes to wear the suit she bought at the Lunar Festival (despite neither being terribly colorful). Like most adventurers, however, she is generally limited to what gear she finds on her travels or can afford in the shops.

She might convince Brynariath to sew her something personalized, so she could conceivably be depicted in anything (keeping in mind that Bryn's fashion sense is a good deal better than Kokku's, so anything she made for her would probably be flattering and color-coordinated). Kokkuja has three piercings in her left ear cartilage, two in her right, and one in her nose (septum); she likes bright, gaudy jewelry. She is almost never seen without her two-handed axe, though since she naturally upgrades this whenever she can, it's not always the same axe.

Screenshots: Drawing her wearing the guild tabard really isn't necessary, but you certainly may if you want to | Mohawk | Mail hood | Mail hood (rear view) | Bad hair day?

You can also see her at the armory, though the profile will only be active if I've played her recently.
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