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From Hero, Hero (Quest for Glory fanfiction)

Setting: He comes from a Germanic fantasy setting (medieval/Renaissance blend) and travels through Arabian-, African-, Transylvanian-, and Greek-style fantasy settings

Relationships: He works with Klaus solving problems in all but the Transylvanian setting (where he is by himself). Conceivable pairings are Wolfgang/Klaus, Wolfgang/Johari, and Wolfgang/Katrina. Klaus tends to be the brains of the operation, and Wolfgang may hero-worship him just slightly; at the same time, Klaus tends to exasperate him and often makes him feel denigrated. Wolfgang's mood has a tendency to swing in accordance with the tenor of his interactions with Klaus. Although Wolfgang would dominate physically anyone with whom he was romantically involved, his personality is such that his partner will always be the dominant one in every other respect.

Personality: Wolfgang is bi-polar, and can be depicted either energetically, cheerfully attending to some heroic pursuit or brooding morosely in his room. In large part because of this, he often has a hard time getting things done; he isn't stupid, but is easily distracted and not very good at organizing his thoughts. When he's brooding he often draws (with charcoal), but never likes what he comes up with.

Profession/Abilities: Wolf is a traveling adventurer attempting to become a Hero; he is fairly good with a sword and quite strong just in general.

Age: 22

Height: Tall (slightly taller than Klaus)

Build: Medium, well-muscled

Skin: Pale peach, possibly somewhat sunburned

Hair: Blonde; short, simple cut (above the ear)

Eyes: Blue

Clothes: There are two outfits I would like to see him drawn wearing: the first is a long-sleeved white shirt under a brown leather vest and trousers (dark green, dark blue, or burgundy) wis a black belt for his plain'n'simple sword; outdoors he would also wear a hooded cloak -- red over the green or blue pants, brown over the red pants. The second outfit is a long-sleeved white shirt under a blue, purple-enbroidered vest with gold clasps, puffy purple pants, the same belt for his sword, and curly-toed blue shoes; this outfit, obviously, goes wis the Arabian-style setting.
Character belongs to kuroiyousei
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