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Retanya Gibbs

Typically called Retta

From Just Like Home

Setting: A sewer

Relationships: Aves, Marean, and Moreay are members of her group for some time. Aves flirts with her constantly, though not seriously; Marean sleeps with her occasionally, unromantically; Moreay thinks she's really cool, and Retta is kind but brief with him.

Personality: Dry, brusque, no-nonsense, though not without a sense of humor and not unfriendly when she doesn't need to be.

Profession/Abilities: Retta is the leader of a gang Downside as she was Upside; she is very good at keeping a group together, loyal, and directed. Her group Downside keeps the peace in their sector to try to prevent sweeps by Upside police teams that would kill everyone in the vicinity.

Age: 37

Height: Medium

Build: Stocky, thin

Skin: Dark brown

Hair: Black, curly; she tries to keep it cut very short, but when she doesn't have a chance it turns into a scraggly afro.

Eyes: Black

Clothes: Whatever she can find; she tries always to have a jacket of some sort so that the guns and knives she wears at her belt aren't as easily visible.
Character belongs to kuroiyousei