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Aria Gaeálo

Typically called Aria

From Crimson Coronation

Setting: European-esque, medieval/Renaissance-blend; Aria lives in the royal palace, and also spends a lot of time traveling the kingdom with Ghenidr.

Relationships: Aria is Ién's twin sister. Before the spell they were extremely close, each always highly interested in the other's life despite divergent talents and pursuits; after the spell Ién is more like a protective guardian and Aria a flirtatious ward, especially given that Aria is almost obsessed with touching Ién as much as possible and Ién doesn't seem to mind.

Ghenidr is Aria's bodyguard (and later husband), and their relationship is largely based on exploration of their mutual psychosis and the world as they see it thereby; they enjoy wounding each other and discussing pseudo-philosophical/social issues.

Conceivable pairings are Ghenidr/Aria, Ién/Aria, and Cetoux/Aria. In the last case, Aria would be essentially under duress, marrying Cetoux to legitimize his assumption of the throne; Cetoux would find Aria something of a handfull, what with her strange perception of reality and logic, and she would probably enjoy the havoc her psychosis would wreak on his complacency.

Personality: Disconnected from reality and generally placid; she still retains some of her girlish enthusiasm as well as some awareness of her position of princess, but usually seems to be without emotion -- though she does have random moments of passionate outburst. Her psychosis requires her to make physical contact with something to feel any sort of connection to or sense of reality about it.

Profession/Abilities: Aria is the younger princess, and, since she isn't the heir to the throne, has given little thought to the running of the kingdom. She is a moderately skilled artist with charcoal, ink, or pencils.

Age: 28, but, thanks to a spell that kept her asleep for a decade, appears to be (and essentially is) 18

Height: Medium

Build: Slender

Skin: Pale peach

Hair: Red; wavy, falls to mid-back

Eyes: Gold

Clothes: During her ten-year sleep she wore a plain white, long-sleeved, floor-length dress, and ran off in this same dress shortly after waking up... it's likely to be ragged and dirty and covered in blood by now, so you could draw it that way if you chose. But any fine and princessly dress would work for her.
Character belongs to kuroiyousei