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Eidra Westarbor

Typically called Eidra

From Crimson Coronation

Setting: European-esque, medieval/Renaissance-blend fantasy; Eidra lives in a forest, and spends a lot of time traveling the kingdom with Ién.

Relationships: She hates Cetoux, but they were betrothed as children; had she married him, she would have been constantly attempting to undermine everything he did, and they probably would have ended up physically fighting not infrequently. Cetoux would have ignored her rebellion (and her) as long as it didn't have too great an affect on his plans; if it did, he would suppress her ruthlessly. Eidra could end up with Ién, with whom she has an active, emotional relationship and a continual, relatively amiable struggle for dominance going on quietly in the background.

Personality: Passionate, determined, temperamental

Profession/Abilities: Eidra is a forester and a moderately skilled woodworker. She was raised to be a landed lady, and as such has certain administrative skills, though she often lacks the necessary sense of priority or organization. She is an excellent swordswoman as long as she keeps to the solid, defensive style that works best for her; she is easily provoked, however, which can lead to carelessness and unnecessary risks. She has some magical talent, which she uses mostly for domestic purposes.

Age: 32

Height: Short

Build: Stocky, muscular

Skin: Tan; blood oozes from her pores when she casts spells

Hair: Medium brown; falls to mid back, no bangs; usually tied back at the neck

Eyes: Brown

Clothes: Long tunics (knee-length) over short-sleeved shirts and leggings, all in greens and browns; she often puts a hooded cloak, green and brown (a sort of homemade camouflage pattern), over this. She carries a crossbow and a fancy sword. As is my habit, I have not designed the latter.
Character belongs to kuroiyousei