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Ién Gaeálo

Typically called Ién

From Crimson Coronation

Setting: European-esque, medieval/Renaissance-blend fantasy; Ién lives in the royal palace; she also spends a lot of time in a forest and traveling the kingdom with Eidra.

Relationships: Ién is Aria's twin sister. Before the spell they were extremely close, each always highly interested in the other's life despite divergent talents and pursuits; after the spell Ién is more like a protective guardian and Aria a flirtatious ward, especially given that Aria is almost obsessed with touching Ién as much as possible and Ién doesn't seem to mind.

Jouae is Ién's personal servant. Conceivable pairings are Ién/Jouae, Eidra/Ién, Cetoux/Ién, and Ién/Aria.

Ién doesn't seem to notice that Jouae is in love with her; their relationship would be a peaceful, calmly happy one, Jouae still acting very much like a servant but with a quiet undercurrent of desperate possessiveness. Eidra awakens Ién's passions, making theirs a more active, emotional relationship -- with a continual, relatively amiable struggle for dominance going on quietly in the background. Ién would only marry Cetoux under duress in order to legitimize his assumption of the throne; in that case he would dominate her as he does everyone, and she would be dully submissive to him and miserable in private.

Personality: Outwardly cool, but passionate underneath; Aria's curse has made her bitter, grim, and brooding

Profession/Abilities: Ién is the princess and heir to the throne of Gaeálo. For many years she took this very seriously, giving a lot of thought to what kind of queen she wanted to be and the best ways to rule a kingdom; once Aria was cursed, however, she abandoned almost all consideration for the kingdom and concentrated solely on breaking the spell. She has studied magic extensively, and probably has more technical knowledge of it than most actual magicians; however, she has no magical ability and therefore cannot herself cast spells. She is an expert with a sword, her style solid and well-balanced between offense and defense.

Age: 28

Height: Medium

Build: Slender

Skin: Pale peach

Hair: Red, wavy; short, masculine cut

Eyes: Warm brown

Clothes: Depending on what she's doing, Ién would wear a couple different types of outfits. For travel she wears a short leather tunic over a heavy shirt and trousers, and a double belt wis a sword; for everyday life she wears a tunic over a long-sleeved shirt and either hose or leggings; for court she would wear a dress. Anything she wears would be fine but not fancy, and she wouldn't care about the colors.
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