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Setting: European-esque, medieval/Renaissance-blend fantasy; Jouae lives in the royal palace, and later spends a lot of time hiding out/sneaking around in the capital city.

Relationships: Jouae is Ién's page/personal servant (and was Aria's prior to the spell). Conceivable pairings are Ién/Jouae and Coutei/Jouae.

Ién doesn't seem to notice that Jouae is in love with her; their relationship would be a peaceful, calmly happy one, Jouae still acting very much like a servant but with a quiet undercurrent of desperate possessiveness. Coutei, the runner up, worships the ground Jouae walks on and would do anything for her; Jouae, however, would have to take charge of most aspects of the relationship.

Personality: Patient, sad, hardworking, determined, quiet

Profession/Abilities: Jouae has always seen to the personal needs of both Ién and Aria, acting as a personal maid, errand-runner, and general companion; she also trained alongside Ién and would have been her squire if Ién had ever been knighted. As such, she has a variety of domestic and combative skills. Though she is barely adequate with a sword, she is excellent with a crossbow and fairly adept at knife-fighting. She is agile on foot and a talented horsewoman.

Age: 26

Height: Medium

Build: Medium

Skin: Peach

Hair: Chestnut brown, curly; falls to mid-back; usually tied back loosely; even bangs

Eyes: Blue

Clothes: At home she generally wears a long-sleeved shirt under an ankle-length jumper or loose trousers; for travel she wears a long tunic (knee-length) over hose or leggings; a plain leather belt with any of these, and everything in subdued colors. Traveling she carries a crossbow.
Character belongs to kuroiyousei
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