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From World of Warcraft

Setting: Primarily Mulgore, but conceivably anywhere a loyal Hordie might be expected to appear

Relationships: Ayniwa was at first on friendly (very friendly) terms with Kokkuja, but, when the latter started hanging around with a Night Elf, Ayniwa became very unfriendly toward her. Ay has a longsuffering tauren lover named Yororn, to whom she's rather rude most of the time but is genuinely attached.

Personality: Ayniwa is exceptionally lazy, liking nothing more than to lie around in the sun and not even think if she can possibly avoid it. She's willing to rouse herself out of her lethargy for sex, valuable objects, slitting Allies' throats, and very little else. She's a staunch supporter of the Horde and acerbic hater of the Alliance. She is fairly intelligent, though you might never see it. She is rather careless, too, disregarding a lot of things that others might consider important -- including people's needs and feelings.

Profession/Abilities: Ay is a skilled thief -- if she's actually up and about doing things at all, that is -- and will steal just about anything that looks to be valuable without considering the consequences. She's pretty good with a dagger, better if she can sneak up behind someone to cut their throat. She assists Yororn in his duties around Mulgore sometimes, at his insistence. She's fairly good at tinkering with machinery goblin-style, if the occasion arises.

Species: Troll

Age: 25 (adult)

Height: 6'

Build: Fairly broad-shouldered (for a woman); rather fat and wears it well; big-busted

Skin: Blue with a slight greenish tint (darker than it appears in the screenshots, because she gets a lot of sun). She has a number of scars (thanks to her carelessness in fighting), but I haven't really decided where they all are yet. She has small tusks protruding from beneath her lower lip, and her ears are pointed and a little longer than a human's. Like all trolls, she has only three fingers on each hand and two large toes on each foot.

Hair: White; she has it cut to be a mohawk, but rarely feels like actually putting it up, so it tends to lie back along her head in a straggling line. It's pretty long in the back, too, like a mullet, and she sometimes (occasionally) braids parts of it.

Eyes: Orangey-brown

Clothes: Ay prefers to wear as little as possible at any given moment. When she has to put something on (e.g. to go somewhere with Yo), it's usually skintight and dark-colored. She really has no opinion on clothing at all, though, beyond that she isn't fond of wearing it, so pretty well anything works. She has a number of piercings, but I haven't decided exactly where they all are yet.

Screenshots: Underwear | Underwear in Undercity | Underwear Raptorback

You can also see her at the armory, though the profile will only be active if I've played her recently.
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