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Setting: European-esque, medieval/Renaissance-blend fantasy; Teravor travels a lot

Relationships: Conceivable pairings are Rendeiel/Teravor, Cetoux/Teravor, and Teravor/Coutei. Playful, manipulative, and very sexually active with Rendeiel; completely dominated by Cetoux; dallying with and dominating Coutei for no real reason other than that he's around.

Personality: Almost entirely self-serving; usually fairly pleased with himself; easily bored and annoyed.

Profession/Abilities: Teravor is a very powerful enchanter, an expert at just about any kind of magic (though his particular talent is potion-brewing). He tends to use magic to do whatever he feels like at the moment -- often mischievously or even harmfully, but he's just as likely to help someone out with it if that's the mood he's in.

Age: Technically 63, but appears to be in his late twenties

Height: Medium

Build: Slender, scrawny

Skin: Because he has been a magician for so long, all his blood has been replaced by magic and his skin has turned milk-white

Hair: Bright, pale gold; very wild; only tied back when he's working on potions, and goes all over the place otherwise

Eyes: Sky blue

Clothes: Always the latest style, which is currently a thigh-length tunic (generally velvet) over a long-sleeved shirt (probably silk, wis fancy buttons at the cuffs) and hose; he'll wear any colors that make him look hot, though blue is his favorite. He doesn't carry weapons, so instead of a belt he would wear colored braid around his waist.
Character belongs to kuroiyousei
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