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Held von Heichlich

Typically called Klaus

From Hero, Hero (Quest for Glory fanfiction)

Setting: He comes from a Germanic fantasy setting (medieval/Renaissance blend) and travels through Arabian-, African-, and Greek-style fantasy settings.

Relationships: He works with Wolfgang to solve problems in the aforementioned settings. Conceivable pairings are Wolfgang/Klaus, Klaus/Evgeniya, and Klaus/Elsa. Klaus tends to be the brains of the operation, and Wolfgang may hero-worship him just slightly; at the same time, Klaus sometimes treats Wolf somewhat patronizingly, which Wolf finds rather exasperating. Although Wolfgang would dominate Klaus physically, Klaus would always be the dominant one in every other respect. Klaus tends to feel more alive and happier with Wolf around.

Personality: Klaus is intelligent and perceptive, but indifferent to life and everything in it. He has a mild cruel streak and a mild sense of pathos forever at war.

Profession/Abilities: Klaus is good with a sword, and also at less respectable pursuits such as moving silently, picking locks, and relieving others of excess wealth.

Age: 23

Height: Tall

Build: Medium, somewhat muscular, very graceful

Skin: Peach

Hair: Pale blonde; always braided (braid falls to mid-back), no bangs

Eyes: Pale blue

Clothes: A loose, long-sleeved shirt under a leather vest and trousers with a belt for his sword (steel, gilded pommel and hilt, somewhat age-worn). Outdoors he would also wear a cape or hooded cloak. All of this would be in fairly subdued colors; he prefers blues.
Character belongs to kuroiyousei
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