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Aves Rodriguez

Typically called Aves

From Just Like Home / The Downside of Paradise

Setting: Sewers

Relationships: He is, for a few years, a father figure to Moreay. He and Marean are in love; however, not wanting her to feel any obligation, he doesn't show it until she drags it out of him, and they only ever have one night together. Most of the time it's just meaningless flirtation on his side and a good-natured but cynical response from her. For several years Aves is part of Retta's group; he flirts with her meaninglessly too.

Personality: Cheerful and light-hearted, very flirtatious.

Profession/Abilities: Aves is a doctor/surgeon; Downside he has almost no access to medical equipment, but he does what he can

Age: Late twenties to mid thirties

Height: Short

Build: Stocky, scrawny

Skin: Light brown

Hair: Black, straight, usually fairly long and scraggly; living in a sewer, he doesn't have a chance to cut it often or well. Similarly, he can't shave as regularly or thoroughly as he'd like, and tends to have at least some facial hair (also black) at most times.

Eyes: Black

Clothes Living in a sewer, he wears whatever he can find

After being brainwashed, put through plastic surgery, and renamed Niol Allero:

Typically called Dr. Allero

Setting: A somewhat futuristic (sci-fi) world, most particularly a hospital (as he's still a doctor/surgeon)

Age: Early forties, but his plastic surgery has made him look more like he's in his early thirties

Build: Stocky, somewhat overweight

Skin: Very pale brown

Hair: Long, no bangs; he keeps it tied up neatly. Clean-shaven.

Eyes: Grey

Clothes Scrubs; off-duty he usually wears jeans and very brightly colored t-shirts.
Character belongs to kuroiyousei