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From The Worst Possible Way of Doing Things

Setting: European-esque, medieval/Renaissance-blend

Relationships: Kenreciel eventually joins the mercenary team of Gent, Tulette, and Sibba, and could end up paired with any of them. Gent/Kenreciel would be a friendly but somewhat argumentative couple, and also somewhat awkward at first because of Gent's issues with homosexuality; Kenreciel/Tulette would be a yes-ma'am couple, with Kenreciel making would-be romantic gestures and Tulette telling him exactly what to do all the time; Kenreciel/Sibba would be a relationship full of pranks and silliness.

Personality: Very intelligent, but flighty and impetuous; almost childish at times

Profession/Abilities: Kenreciel is a mage, and eventually becomes a traveling mercenary. His magic takes the shape of various translucent animals appropriate to the intent of the spell.

Age: 30

Height: Medium

Build: Slender, not particularly muscular

Skin: Bronze; slightly pointed ears. He has three tattoos in red, black, and gold: on his chest a pattern of large stars, and on his back a large spider and wagon wheel.

Hair: Golden; falls to his buttocks; face-framing bangs; usually tied back loosely at the base of his neck

Eyes: Orange

Clothes: When traveling, he wears form-fitting black leggings under mid-calf-height dark brown leather boots with wide folded-down tops. A loose off-white shirt with hanging sleeves and a wide round neck extends to mid-thigh over his pants, and over this a dark red sash is tied at his waist so that the ends fall to his knees on one side; under this loose shirt, the long sleeves and collarbone-high round neck of a second, form-fitting shirt, dark brown, are visible. Over all he wears a rather voluminous hooded cloak of dark red-orange that fastens at the neck; this hides his shoulders and obscures his neck but displays the rest of his outfit to advantage.

Note: I once commissioned a picture of Gent and Kenreciel; it's extremely accurate, and can be considered a reference. You can see it here.
Character belongs to kuroiyousei
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