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Typically called Jiomosu (historically, Jiomosu Dantaoji to distinguish him from his grandmother, queen Jiomosu I, and the later king Jiomosu II)

From Façade of Perfection

Setting: Medieval/Renaissance blend kingdom, European-esque but with a slight Japanese influence; Jiomosu lives in a seaside palace

Relationships: Briefly married to Imau (though his attachment to her is one-sided and she treats him, if possible, more coldly than anyone else); father of Kurine, who also treats him coolly -- but he understands.

Personality: Practical but laid-back; intelligent but slightly scatter-brained; friendly, loving, and sympathetic

Profession/Abilities: Jiomosu is first the dantaoji (monarch's spouse) and, after the death of his wife, regent for his daughter until she comes of age. He is a fairly good ruler.

Age: Became engaged to Imau and came to live in the royal palace at the age of 10; married Imau and became dantaoji at the age of 18; ruled as regent for his daughter Kurine from age 19 to age 37; 41 in Façade of Perfection; died at age 68

Height: Medium

Build: Medium, not particularly muscular

Skin: Light brown

Hair: Black (starts to go grey in his late thirties), straight; falls to mid-back; usually hangs loose

Eyes: Brown

Clothes: The overgarment typically worn in this kingdom, called a shiiya, is a long, loose dress/tunic usually falling to the thighs or lower with full-length sleeves hanging from the upper arm or shoulder. A royal shiiya is generally decorated with bands or stripes of different colors, often metallic, and has large, visible buttons on the sleeves.

Jiomosu tends to wear warm colors, especially yellows. Under the shiiya he would wear tights or leave his legs bare, and would prefer light, lace-up boots with folded tops (fairly simple, though they might have a decorative stripe or ornament to match his shiiya).
Character belongs to kuroiyousei
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