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Sibba Maecallun

Typically called Sibba

From The Worst Possible Way of Doing Things

Setting: European-esque, medieval/Renaissance-blend

Relationships: Gent and Tulette are her mercenary teammates, and Kenreciel joins them later; Sibba could conceivably end up paired with any of them. Gent/Sibba would be a wild relationship full of drinking and strenuous exercise; Sibba/Tulette would be a playful, girls'-night-out relationship that people would often mistake for a friends-with-benefits setup; Kenreciel/Sibba would be a relationship full of pranks and silliness.

Personality: Emotionally reactive; loves to be entertained and to laugh, especially at jokes and pranks.

Profession/Abilities: Sibba is a traveling mercenary and a skilled warrior; she fights aggressively and somewhat recklessly, and is just as happy to use her fists (with which she is also very skilled) as her sword.

Age: 29

Height: Tall (about four inches taller than Kenreciel)

Build: Medium, muscular, somewhat flat-chested

Skin: Tan; she has a jagged horizontal scar on her right cheekbone

Hair: Medium brown; wispy; chin-length; bangs part in the middle and sweep out to the sides across her face and behind her ears.

Eyes: Hazel

Clothes: For travel, loose plain brown trousers tucked into her boots. These are heavy, plain black leather coming up to just below the knee. She also wears a couple of heavy black belts for holding equipment, specifically her sword. This is a fairly typical-looking steel broadsword in a brown sheath. Her shirt, pale brown, is form-fitting, with sleeves to mid-upper-arm and a wide round neck.
Character belongs to kuroiyousei