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Imau II

Typically Called Imau (historically, Queen Imau II)

From Heretic's Reward

Setting: Medieval/Renaissance blend kingdom, European-esque but with a slight Japanese influence; Imau spends many of her teenage years in a seaside palace, and most of the rest of her life in a landlocked palace.

Relationships: Married to Shinorutei, whose love she won after great effort and persistence; mother of King Kenshin II, of whom she was prodigiously proud and whom she probably would have spoiled if she'd lived long enough

Personality: Considerate and observant of others; somewhat emotionally reactive, but generally fairly calm; dedicated to doing what she believes is right and often obnoxiously dogmatic about it; persistent to the point of stubbornness

Profession/Abilities: Imau studied swordsmanship throughout her teenage years and continued practicing up until her death; she is very skilled at quick-moving, decisive combat. As she sometimes has a tendency to jump to conclusions and reach decisions without as much thought as she should really give them, she is not as skilled a queen as she could be; however, her strong moral center and sense of compassion keep her from making any huge mistakes.

Age: Married Shinorutei at 19; crowned at 20; son was born when she was 26; died at 33

Height: Short

Build: Medium; fairly big bust

Skin: Tan

Hair: Red; falls to lower back and typically tied in a low, loose ponytail or braided; thick, jagged bangs

Eyes: Orange

Clothes: The overgarment typically worn in this kingdom, called a shiiya, is a long, loose dress/tunic usually falling to the thighs or lower with full-length sleeves hanging from the upper arm or shoulder. A royal shiiya is generally decorated with bands or stripes of different colors, often metallic, and has large, visible buttons on the sleeves.

Under the shiiya she would wear trousers and either flat shoes or boots (depending on what she's up to). She might also wear a decorative cape to match her shiiya, and will almost never be seen without her sword at her side.
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