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Moreay Jeuroh

From The Downside of Paradise / Just Like Home

Height: Tall

Skin: Pale peach

Eyes: Dark red-brown

As a child

Typically called Moreay

Setting: A sewer

Relationships: Marean is his mother; she dies when he is five years old. Aves is his father figure from age five to age fourteen, at which point he is forcibly removed from Moreay's life. Moreay is part of Retta's group for a while, and he thinks she's really cool; she is kind but brief with him.

Personality: Curious and happy; very quiet; very A.D.D.

Build: Scrawny

Hair: Red; up until his mother's death, always cut as short as possible (usually with a knife); after that, progressively longer and more tangled

Clothes: Whatever he or his mother can find

As an adult

Typically called Yae

Setting: Still the sewer, but now he sometimes ventures up to the somewhat futuristic (sci-fi) Paradise above to bomb/kill/burn/destroy things. He also has a home, created by his friend Cai, that offers many of the amenities of a Paradisian home though it is still in the sewers.

Personality: Grim and quiet; often angry or unhappy; still very A.D.D.

Profession/Abilities: As mentioned above, Yae is sometimes a terrorist, going Upside to destroy things. Otherwise, he wanders the sewers a lot with no particular purpose, and often gets into fights. He's very good with knives and moves very quickly and agilely; he's also skilled at climbing.

Build: Slender but muscular

Hair: By now has become long fat dreadlocks (falling to lower back), which he usually bundles up loosely at the back of his neck

Clothes: He tends to wear sleeveless shirts, cargo pants, and boots. He carries a lot of knives, though many of them are hidden.

Note: You can see one additional reference of Yae, kissing a dude in a not 100% work-safe fashion (though nothing is showing), here.
Character belongs to kuroiyousei