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En Shevil

From Pride of her Parents

Relationships: This being a Quest for Glory fanfiction character, En Shevil is naturally the girlfriend of the QfG Gary-Stu Hero, whose name in this story is Achim. They are a very Mary-Sue couple and have the power of looooove.

Species: Mary-Sue (technically a human who has magically become part dragon and part djinn, but she just looks human)

Height: Medium

Build: Medium, somewhat muscular

Eyes: Green

This character has three distinct states.

Typically called En Shevil

Setting: Fantasy-Arabian; En Shevil is a thief

Personality: Innocent, girlish, and playful

Age: 17

Skin: Dark tan

Hair: Bright blonde, knee-length; usually up in a high ponytail held by a wide golden band in which she keeps her lockpick

Clothes: Stereotypical fantasy-Arabian-style woman's clothing (poofy, half see-through pants; sexy top; pointy-toed shoes; etc.), not too fancy or rich but still flattering (colors don't matter as long as it looks good). No need for a veil.

Typically called Deathscar

Setting: Fantasy-Japanese; now she's a ninja

Personality: Insane and bloodthirsty

Age: 18

Skin: Still dark tan, but now she has a vertical scar through her lips on the left side (just below her left nostril)

Hair: Still bright blonde, but now very short (wild, hacked-off)

Clothes: Stereotypical ninja outfit with bandagey-looking wrappings from just below the knees down (covering the shoes), just below the elbows down (hands and individual fingers wrapped as well), on the waist (in place of a belt/sash/obi/whatever) and neck (disappearing under the neckline). The wrappings are off-white and the rest is dark brown (a warm brown, almost burgundy); there's a device in pink and purple on the chest showing the silhouette of a cherry tree. She carries/fights with twin kodachi that fit against each other into a single sheath (XD). These have half-circle green jewels on what would be the pommel if you could call it a pommel; when sheathed, these create the illusion of one circular gem (yeah, right).

Typically called Dazah

Setting: Fantasy-Greek; now she's a mage

Personality: Pensive and serious (Mary-Sue angst)

Age: 19

Skin: Pale peach; the scar on her mouth is gone

Hair: Golden-red, shoulder-length; usually loose

Clothes: Bandagey-looking wrappings covering her chest under an off-white gi, opaque off-white fantasy-Arabian-style pants, and off-white shoes with no pointy toes this time. She fights with a katana now.
Character belongs to kuroiyousei
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