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Rendeiel Kortté

Typically called Rendeiel

From Crimson Coronation

Setting: European-esque, medieval/Renaissance-blend fantasy; Rendeiel often attends the royal court, and also travels the kingdom quite a bit.

Relationships: Rendeiel is Teravor's lover. They are playful and flirtatious and very sexually active; Rendeiel usually tops... and also usually doesn't realize that Teravor is almost always manipulating him somehow.

Personality: Suave, charming, and flirtatious; easy-going but honorable

Profession/Abilities: Rendeiel is a knight, and as such travels the kingdom maintaining order and honor. He is an accomplished rider and a strong defensive warrior with a sword and shield. Being the son of a landed lord, he has also been raised to be a capable administrator.

Age: 29

Height: Medium

Build: Stocky, muscular

Skin: Tan

Hair: Dark blonde/light brown; falls just past his shoulders; usually tied sloppily at the base of his neck

Eyes: Brown

Clothes: In the field he wears chain mail, leather tunic, heavy shirt and trousers, bracers, belt for his fancy sword, shield, etc.. In court he wears the latest style, which is currently a thigh-length tunic (probably velvet) over a long-sleeved shirt (probably silk, with fancy buttons at the cuffs) and hose. He'd still be wearing his fancy sword on a belt. I have not designed his sword, and in the reference you will see that I just drew something generic. I also haven't designed his family crest, but the colors are salmon and dark red-brown. He likes green, but wears any colors he looks good in; he specifically doesn't like his family colors, though he does have to wear them on occasion.
Character belongs to kuroiyousei