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Alach haes Olfiel ni Marich

Typically called Alach

From Touched and Untouchable

Setting: European-Renaissance-esque; Alach lives in a palace

Relationships: Doireh is Alach's bodyguard, and while this arrangement stands they cannot touch each other -- they pass right through each other's bodies as if they were ghosts; Alach goes out of his way to tease Doireh, who, however, doesn't generally show his annoyance. Chorihe is Alach's older brother, and, being unalike, they don't get along terrible well -- Chorihe is always looking down on and lecturing Alach, to which Alach does not respond favorably; underneath it all, however, they do love each other. Chimae is Alach's younger sister, and they are good friends; in their younger years they were co-conspirators and pranksters, and these days they're able to tell each other just about anything. Conceivable pairings are Doireh/Alach and Alach/Charity Grace

Personality: Extremely friendly and personable, but also lazy; he has a tendency to be childish when it comes to controlling himself or taking responsibility for anything. He is generally nonchalant, but his emotions can be roused quickly and easily; this sometimes masks his intelligence and nobility, but he really is quite sharp and right-minded.

Profession/Abilities: Alach is a prince that rarely does anything princely. He's athletic, plays sporting games well, is not bad with a sword (though the continent is in the middle of a very peaceful era), and is very good at arm wrestling.

Age: 20

Height: Tall

Build: Slender, fairly well-muscled

Skin: Warm brown

Hair: Dark brown; cut short, not deliberately spiked but jagged and messy

Eyes: Dark brown

Clothes: There's a wide variety of clothing Alach could wear, and I'll go into detail about it in the next couple of paragraphs. Of course there are certain occasions when he has to appear in fully formal garb, but generally he prefers to dress like a peasant. If you'd rather not plough through the clothing details, a good basic outfit is a baggy short-sleeved shirt with a drawstring neck, loose drawstring capri-length pants, and leather shoes with square toes and two-inch-high square heels. He tends to wear warm colors that complement his own warm coloring, as well as various shades of brown and some off-whites. His clothing is all of high quality, as befits a prince, but he dislikes excessive finery and having his movement restricted. He enjoys going shirtless, but is rarely barefoot.

Shirts currently in fashion among the nobility are tight with high, stiff necks (buttoning all the way up to the chin), and long sleeves with long, stiff cuffs, again with several buttons. Sometimes the neck and cuffs are heavily embroidered, and the buttons are usually made of shining metal. If Alach wore one of these, he would leave it unbuttoned probably halfway down his chest and wouldn't button the cuffs. In fact, he might roll the sleeves up or even hack them off just above the elbows. What he would actually prefer to wear is a looser, more worker-friendly shirt, preferably with a drawstring or no fastening at the neck, something with short sleeves but not sleeveless.

Pants are also tight, with no pockets, buttoning and/or lacing up in various places in order to make them form-fitting. They tend to extend to somewhere on the calf, rarely higher than just below the knee and rarely as far down as the ankle. Under pants with the former, higher cut, nobles usually wear knee-high stockings, but Alach never wears stockings if he can help it. And, again, he prefers a more worker-friendly design for pants, something with pockets, a drawstring waist, and loose legs falling to mid-calf.

Shoes have square heels an inch or two high, and squarish toes; Alach has no problem with these. He hates the cummerbunds that nobles usually wear, though, and will avoid them if he possibly can. He has similar feelings about the overgarment that completes the typical noble outfit: a loose vest extending to anywhere from mid-thigh to floor-length. These can also be heavily embroidered, and are often fastened loosely across the chest with a lacing-like network of decorative chains. Similar chains and other embellishments such as tassels or strings of beads often appear on any of the garments nobles wear. Sometimes nobles will omit the cummerbund from the outfit in favor of a longer sash worn atop the vest and tied in an elaborately decorative knot.
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