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From Crimson Coronation

Setting: European-esque, medieval/Renaissance-blend fantasy; Sue lives at the royal palace

Relationships: Sue is Cetoux's lover. Cetoux is very much the one in charge of this relationship, almost to the point of dom/sub; Sue does make advances, but Cetoux often repels him for no reason other than that Sue took the initiative.

Personality: Friendly and ingratiating; also cautiously reserved; curious about most things, with a desire to understand minutely everything he finds interesting

Profession/Abilities: Sue is the court magician, serving first the king and queen and then Cetoux; though he has a good deal of power, he's only been practicing magic for a couple of decades, so his skill level is still moderate. His particular talent is illusion/imagery.

Age: Technically 36, but appears to be in his mid-to-late 20's

Height: Short

Build: Medium

Skin: Having been a magician for twenty years, his skin has been bleached to a very pale peach, and about two thirds of his blood has been replaced by magic -- so blood still oozes from his pores while he casts spells.

Hair: Brown; straight; falls just past shoulders; he usually keeps it tied back

Eyes: Hazel

Clothes: He generally wears a tunic and hose, with braid at his waist rather than a belt, with a long, slim robe over all; he prefers green, brown, gold, and black.
Character belongs to kuroiyousei
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