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Imau I

Typically called Imau (historically, Queen Imau I)

From Façade of Perfection

Setting: Medieval/Renaissance blend kingdom, European-esque but with a slight Japanese influence; Imau lives in a seaside palace

Relationships: Briefly married to Jiomosu (arranged marriage; she never loved him, and always treated him very coldly); mother of Kurine

Personality: Very cold, more intellectual than emotional; what she does feel is kept carefully hidden and controlled inside her; intelligent, calculating, practical

Profession/Abilities: Imau is a queen; she is well-organized, meticulous, and a very good leader

Age: Became queen at the age of twelve; married Jiomosu when she was twenty; died at twenty-one giving birth to Kurine

Height: Short

Build: Slender, thin, delicate

Skin: Light brown

Hair: Black, wavy; falls to mid-back; usually tied up in some tight yet elegant style

Eyes: Grey

Clothes: The overgarment typically worn in this kingdom, called a shiiya, is a long, loose dress/tunic usually falling to the thighs or lower with full-length sleeves hanging from the upper arm or shoulder. A royal shiiya is generally decorated with bands or stripes of different colors, often metallic, and has large, visible buttons on the sleeves.

Imau prefers black, white, grey, and silver, but will sometimes wear subdued, greyish colors (usually warm colors) as well. Under the shiiya she would wear tights or leave her legs bare, and would prefer relatively small and light shoes: lace-up, with folded tops; fairly simple, though they might have a decorative stripe or ornament to match her shiiya. She would also wear the crown pictured in her reference image, and might wear a decorative cape matching her shiiya as well.
Character belongs to kuroiyousei
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