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online photoshop psd

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View Adobe Photoshop Document (PSD and PSB) files in Windows
PSD codec for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7

The PSD (Adobe Photoshop Document) Codec is a plug-in for Windows Explorer, Windows Photo Viewer, and Windows 7 Media Center.

Download the free 15-day trial of the CODEC today and use 32 bit and 64 bit Windows to...
View PSD files
View PSD files in Windows Photo Viewer, Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Live Photo Gallery. You can view
PSD files in Windows Photo Viewer and Windows Media Center on Windows 7. Now you can also view your Adobe PhotoDeluxe PDD files as well.

Find files instantly with Explorer Thumbnails
See thumbnails for PSD files in standard file open dialog boxes.
View PSD and PDD files throughout Windows, including PSD files exported from other third party applications such as Lightwave3D and Modo.

You can see thumbnails for
Adobe Photoshop PSD PSB and Adobe PhotoDeluxe PDD files
EPS files with embedded screen representations and thumbnail medadata
most Adobe Illustrator AI files
InDesign INDD files from CS2 and later that were saved with preview images
(New!) PDF files that were saved with XMP thumbnails.
Even broader support for PDF thumbnails is provided when Adobe Reader is installed.
View metadata
View XMP, IPTC, and EXIF metadata from PSD and PSB files.
Search the file system based on metadata using Windows Desktop Search.

For unsupported formats or color modes, the embedded thumbnail image will be shown if present.
Current supported color modes are 8 bit per channel RGB, Indexed, CMYK, and Grayscale.
Thumbnails and previews for these files will be shown even if the embedded thumbnails is not present as long as the flattened image is available.
Any previous version of the codec should be uninstalled before installing an updated codec
Build History
Stay up to date on the lastest versions of our software by following us on
and Facebook .
1.6.1, 13 June 2015
Installer update for Windows 10 support
1.6.1, 23 January 2013
Fix: issue with generating thumbnails for INDD files on Windows 8.
1.6.0, 3 January 2013
Improved support for 16 bit RGB files.
1.5.1, 28 November 2012
Improved support for PDF 1.4
Fix: issue with generating thumbnails for linearized PDF files that have been incrementally updated
Fix: issue with generating thumbnails for some INDD files
Fix: crash with INDD files that don't include thumbnails.
1.4.3, 15 September 2012
EPS thumbnails for XP and legacy API users
1.4.2, 1 September 2012
Fix: Issue with generating thumbnails for some AI and EPS files.
1.4.1, 14 May 2012
Remove black border on INDD thumbnails.
1.4.0, 17 December 2011; Released 19 December 2011
AI and INDD thumbnails for XP and for legacy API users (e.g., Total Commander)
1.3.4, 8 December 2011; Released 9 December 2011
Fix: compatibility issue with XP
1.3.2, 23 September 2011
Fix for conflict with Acrobat on 32 bit systems/subsystem
1.3.1, 2 August 2011
Fix for stability issue with zero byte AI files
1.3.0, 11 July 2011; Released 16 July 2011
Explorer thumbnails for PDF files on 64 bit Windows 7 and Windows Vista.
1.2.1, 21 June 2011; Released 23 June 2011
Fix: issue with generating thumbnails for .AI files modified by Extensis Suitcase
1.2.0, 15 May 2011; Released 17 May 2011
Add support for Adobe Photoshop Large Document Format (PSB) files
1.1.4, 15 April 2011
Improved support for volume license deployment.
1.1.3 update 2/28/2011, Released 1 March 2011
Windows 7 thumbnails for InDesign INDD files saved with embedded preview images for InDesign CS2 and later.
1.1.2 update 12/28/2010, Released 30 December 2010
Windows 7 thumbnails for AI files from Adobe Illustrator 8 and earlier.
1.1.0 update 10/24/2010, Released 30 October 2010
Windows 7 thumbnails for AI files from Adobe Illustrator 9 and later.
Fix for issue generating thumbnails for some older version PSD files. update, 1 September 2010
Use Photoshop's PSD icon as thumbnail overlay when Photoshop is installed., 10 August 2010
Generate thumbnails for most common EPS files on Windows 7 and Windows Vista
Stability and performance improvements, 5 March 2010
Adobe PhotoDeluxe PDD file support, 3 February 2010
Fix: issue generating thumbnails for PSDs from Corel Painter 11
Fix: crash loading large images under low memory conditions, 8 January 2010
Fix: memory leak Initial Release, 17 Nov 2009
Fix: issue generating thumbnails for 16 bpc images
Register PSD mime type for codec, Beta 2, 9 October 2009
Support for 8 bpc CMYK files
Support legacy thumbnail interfaces on Vista and later (confirmed with Total Commander)
Improved integration with Windows Desktop Search
Fix: issue with user selection mask layers
Beta 1, 9 September 2009
Support for 8 bpc RLE compressed Grayscale
Expose ICC profile
Beta 0, 24 August 2009 (Private Beta)
Explorer thumbnails for files with maximize compatibility set obbobuwq. online calculator square root.
Full preview and Explorer thumbnails for 8 bit per channel RGB and Indexed color mode images that contain the flattened image.
View XMP, IPTC, and EXIF metadata
Download the free 15-day trial of the PSD CODEC today.

How to Convert a Transparent Photoshop PSD to a PNG for the Internet
May 30, 2012 By Matt
When you are new to Photoshop CS5 and are learning how to use the different tools and layers that are now at your disposal, it can be pretty exciting to see just what you are capable of creating. If you make something really interesting, you will probably be tempted to display it on a website or in a document so that you can share it with others. Unfortunately it is very difficult to share a Photoshop PSD file with someone that does not have Photoshop, so you will find a more compatible file type, such as a JPEG. However, if your PSD file has any transparency in it, the JPEG will display those empty pixels as white. If white pixels are really distracting from the appearance of your image, you can convert a transparent Photoshop PSD to the PNG file format and preserve the transparency.
Saving Your PSD File Containing Transparency as a PNG File
While many people might be more familiar with the JPEG and GIF file formats, the PNG file format is also very popular, largely due to its’ ability to preserve transparency. This gives Web designers a lot more freedom with the images that they create, and doesn’t include any real negatives as opposed to using JPEG or GIF files.
Begin the process of converting your Photoshop PSD to a PNG file by double-clicking the PSD file to open it in Photoshop.
Make any changes or adjustments to the image until you are satisfied with its’ current appearance. When you convert the PSD to a PNG file, you are actually going to be creating a separate, single layer file. Check each of your layers to ensure that none of them contain colored pixels, since all of the layers will be merged into one. For example, your bottom layer might have a lot of transparent pixels but, if you added another layer above it that included a white background, then the white background layer will be merged on top of the lower transparency, thereby eliminating those values.
When the image is ready to be converted, click File at the top of the window, then click Save As .
Click the drop-down menu to the right of Format , then choose the PNG option.

Type a name for the PNG file into the File name field, then click the Save button at the right side of the window.
Click the OK button on the next pop-up window to convert your PSD file to the PNG file format.
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Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. Filed Under: Programs Tagged With: photoshop

7 Ways to Open PSD Extension Image Files Without Installing Adobe Photoshop
Updated 7 months ago
Many of you will have seen an image file extension around called a .PSD. This is an image file format which is native to the very well known Adobe Photoshop software. While most people tend to use JPEG, BMP or PNG files for their everyday tasks, a PSD file (Photoshop Document) can store a vast amount of extra information about the image such as layers, masks, color profiles, transparency, text, alpha channels etc. PSD files tend to be high quality reference images such as those used in website templates or for desktop publishing. They are also lossless meaning 100% of the image quality is maintained at all times where something like JPEG will subtly lose image quality after every save .Since PSD files can be opened and edited by Photoshop, not everyone is willing to spend thousands of dollars on the Adobe Creative Suite just to edit a few PSD files. Even if there is are “free” versions of Adobe CS around on the internet, we would still be reluctant to install the few GB of software just because of the need to open and edit a few PSD files and then uninstall it once done.So here are are a few graphics related tools which we found that are able to open PSD files without Photoshop.
1. Paint.NET Paint.NET is a free image and photo editor and is without doubt, our favorite free image editing program. While being easy to use, it has enough features to accomplish just about all of the normal tasks most people would need from such a program. It includes support for multiple layers, unlimited undo, a number of special effects, and importantly, the ability to allow user created plugins.By default Paint.NET doesn’t support opening PSD files. You’ll need to download and install a Paint.NET plugin for loading and saving Photoshop files. Do take note that the plugin does not support every feature that can be included inside the PSD file format because there are quite a lot of them. The author of this plugin has implemented only the features which has it’s equivalent feature in Paint.NET or if it is useful for converting the image to the Paint.NET internals.You need to download and install Paint.NET first. Then you have to download the psdplugin , unzip and copy the PhotoShop.dll to the “FileTypes” folder in the Paint.NET directory. By default it should be in C:Program FilesPaint.NETFileTypes. Now you can open PSD files. Make sure Paint.NET is not running while installing the plugin. 2. The GIMP The GIMP, short for “GNU Image Manipulation Program”, is a free program for a huge number of image editing tasks such as photo retouching, image composition and image creation. It has been said many times that GIMP is about as close as you can get to Photoshop for a free program in terms of powerful features. We would have to agree, but that does also mean it has a steeper learning curve than something like Paint.NET. Although it can be used as a simple paint program, there is also an array of expert quality photo retouching tools, an online batch processor, a mass production image renderer, image format conversion and quite a bit more.Like Paint.NET, GIMP is expandable with the addition plugins and extensions to do just about anything and enhance the program even further. Everything from the simplest task to the most complex image manipulation procedures can be easily scripted.The good thing is, GIMP supports opening PSD files by default so there is no need to hunt down and install any plugins. All you need to do is just download and install GIMP . The PSD support is not perfect as of yet, though it is still quite good. 3. PSD Viewer PSD Viewer is a free a simple tool that allows you to view .PSD, .AI, and .EPS files, with the added basic ability of file type conversion. You can resize the file and then save it back out as a JPG, PNG, BMP, GIf or TIF. There’s various panning, rotating and zooming options to view the file. The PSD support seems to be fairly good and can display multi-layered files although you can’t look at the individual layers. PSD Viewer works on XP and above and requires .NET Framework 3. Download PSD Viewer 4. PNG PSD Viewer This tool is quite similar to the PNG Viewer above although it’s designed to handle viewing both PNG and PSD files, with the ability to save them out as a JPG file. There is more of focus on viewing multiple files with the help of a slideshow in PNG PSD Viewer, and you can choose from 10 transition effects and set the preferred duration of each slide with zoom and rotate buttons available. Viewing support for PSD seems to be very good and it displayed all of our multi-layer images perfectly. Download Wenovo PNG PSD Viewer There more options to open and edit PSD files on page 2.
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