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Hair color/style: Varies

Eye color: Varies

Build: Varies

Distinguishing marks: Always named Dai

How do they usually dress: Varies

Occupation: Things of a guarding nature always appeal to Dai and he/she is often a warrior/solider/guard in profession.

Special abilities: Dai is the mate of Shy, the Voice to the Immortals and because of that the Immortals often guide Daiís life so that he/she is a trained warrior or guardian that is capable of protecting Shy should the need arise.

Favorites, habits, likes and dislikes: Dai never knows that Shy is his/her mate until meeting her however Dai will often be attracted to things that remind him/her unconsciously of Shy. Dai will also feel asexual towards others until meeting Shy.

How do they spend their time: Dai will live our a typical life and once he/she meets Shy they will spend the rest of their live traveling the temples together.

Where does your character live: Fantasy world where religion is very strong and a proven fact. The Immortals gain or lose power by how many worshipers they have and so they will help mortals to strengthen or keep their numbers high. There is a variety of Immortals, gods and goddesses of everything imaginable, dreams, luck, cleaning, potted plants, ect. There are two major Immortals called the Father and Mother. The Father is a being of light and the Mother is a being of shadow, they are harmonious and balance one another out. All the other immortals are their children.

Notable merits and flaws: Dai is usually mistrustful of others and has an unusually strong urge to be protective of Shy. The Immortals will sometimes send Dai warnings via dreams and Dai in turn will defend Shy above all others. At times this means taking Shy and leaving with her just before natural disasters or attacks occur. Given the nature of the dreams Dai is forbidden from warning any others but if she/he is ever seen suddenly many others will take it as a sign and often follow.

Family history: Daiís lives change each reincarnation however it is common for him/her to be a single child that is distant from his parents if they are alive. The Immortals will often create situations where he/she is alone so that he/she can bond with Shy and devote to her alone. Dai is resentful of this in some lives, regretting that the Immortals have decided so many factors of his/her life.

When Dai is male he and Shy will often have children. The children are considered blessed by the Immortals and have taken leadership roles in various countries. Throughout the centuries it has happened often enough that Shy and Dai have sired the majority of the world leaders bloodlines.
Character belongs to asmadaima