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Skin color: Mocca

Hair color/style: Full brown hair with a slight curl to it, turns white in the winter.

Eye color: Gold

Build: Tall and curvy, Shiin is very attractive.

Distinguishing marks: Her ears are longer than the typical elf.

How do they usually dress: Provocatively, Shiin likes to show off big time. The dragon in her fixates on shiny things so she wears a lot of jewelry, from priceless gems to stones she found in the river. Since she is color blind she often wears reds or earth tone colors which her husband picks for her.
Occupation: Shiin is a wife and mother, she helps run a household. She is also an unofficial guardian to the small town she lives in.

Special abilities: Shiin is very feral and her dragon heritage makes her physically stronger and faster than the norm. She can take a great deal of damage and her dragon heritage makes her immune to magic. She was born in a halfway form but has since learned to shape shift into one more like an elf. She can assume a dragon form but it is a hard painful shift and she rarely ever does it.
Favorites, habits, likes and dislikes: Shiin is like a large lazy cat, she goes where she wants and spend her time doing whatever she feels like. Often she is seen in sunny spots sunbathing or reading, her days are spent idly for the most part. In times of strife she is one of the strongest defenders and protects her family and town viciously.
Where does your character live: In a small town that it tucked up in the mountains of BC, Canada. There is a stone keep within the town where her and her family reside.

Notable merits and flaws: Shiin is strong and loyal to her family but very mistrustful and at times cruel with strangers. She can seem welcoming but is very manipulative to people she doesn’t trust. In times of strife she will fight to kill which causes unease since most of the elves she lives among are pacifists.

Family history: Shiin is an unusual creature, being a rare dragon/elf hybrid. Her parents were killed when she was a newborn and
her dragon uncle raised her disdainfully. Once she was old enough Shiin wondered into the forest and lived there for most of her adolescent years. When she was reaching adulthood she came to the keep Valor and settled there, eventually marrying Mackenzie and having three sons, Morgan, Eshanna, and Kensington. While she’s not outspoken about it, Shiin considers the town to be hers and guards it with a stubborn fixation similar to a dragon with their lairs.

Character belongs to asmadaima