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Hair color/style: Long straight black hair

Eye color: Light brown, amber eyes. When startled, afraid or tired they revert to fox eyes.

Build: Slight, Whisper is small and lanky. Androgynous with a slight tilt towards feminine.

Distinguishing marks: Whisperís eyes can some times flash golden.

How do they usually dress: Casually, Whisper dresses to fit in. Jeans and sweaters, most skin is covered.

Occupation: None

Special abilities: Whisper is a fox that has reached a hundred years and can now assume a human form. Whisper can move quickly and silently and is impossible to find in a forest setting. Being form the First line, Whisper can sense the good and evil in people and has minor healing abilities.

Favorites, habits, likes and dislikes: Curious about the human world Whisper often explores with a child like innocence but is very jumpy and easily startled. Whisper likes to try new things and is very fond of trying different food types.

How do they spend their time: Wandering. Whisper often explores North America via walking or hitchhiking on the rare occasion.
Where does your character live: North America, Canada plains mostly.

Notable merits and flaws: Whisper can change gender and never picked one as a fox and so switches often as a human as well. Whisper is well meaning but very innocent and ignorant of various things. The idea of paying isnít clear so Whisper often steals. Children can sometimes sense that Whisper is not human and so Whisper often talks with kids, asking them basic questions without raising alarm that older human often react with.

Family history: Whisper is loosely based of first nations, specifically Cree legends. There were First animals in the beginning of the world and they often married humans. Whisperís father was a fox and married a human woman. Whisperís father and mother reside in a spirit world and Whisper can visit them or vice versa via forests that have First trees, so essentially very old forests.
Character belongs to asmadaima
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