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Hair color/style: Red with a curl to it, she changes the length and style often.

Eye color: Gold

Build: She’s curvy and highly sexual but also quick with a strong sword swing.

Distinguishing marks: Even though her father is a shape shifter Thyme only has minor abilities, she has never been able to change her fur or hair color.

How do they usually dress: Sexual or for battle. Thyme likes to seduce and be seduced and she dresses for it, tight fantasy or old world style clothing. When she is going into battle she wears full amour rather than anything that would leave her exposed.

Occupation: Knight of Thane

Special abilities: Thyme is very good at manipulation, she can talk her way out of anything and often uses sex to distract others. She can also alter her features so she can blend in, her common form is a fox but she assume most creatures that have fur.

Favorites, habits, likes and dislikes: Thyme likes adventures and being the hero. While she doesn’t want the spotlight of it she wants to know she made a difference and changed things for the better. She is very protective of children and will often help with manual labor when she’s staying somewhere. Thyme likes to keep busy but also wants to be productive, hobbies that are idle disinterest her.

How do they spend their time: Doing good. As a knight of Thane she receives assignments and so is often traveling to deal with issues upsetting the kingdoms.

Where does your character live: Old world fantasy setting with anthros, magical creatures, and humans all mixed together. Magic is also present in this world.

Notable merits and flaws: Thyme wants to help overall and takes her oaths to uphold good in the world seriously. She also understands that for good to flourish evil needs to be cut back, although it is forbidden among Thane knights, Thyme has assassinated those she knew to be evil or planning to caught great strife. While she believes in the good of the world she is not hesitant to get her hands dirty.

Family history: Thyme’s mother traveled with a nomadic entertainment group and she often sold herself in order to fund her drinking. She bore three children, Basil, Cayenne, and Thyme. While Thyme is the youngest she is also the largest physically as her mother and siblings are all fennec foxes while her father was a shape shifter disguised as a red fox. Thyme has no love of her mother but is very protective and doting with her siblings. She remained traveling with them until she was able to convince her siblings to leave the caravan and settle. Basil is a researcher and writes maps while Cayenne is learning to be a healer. Thyme traveled to Thane to become a knight and often sends any extra income or gifts she receives to her siblings.

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