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Hair color/style: Light grey that is actually silver and can be melted down. Typically long and ceremonial.

Eye color: Bright blood red

Build: Tall and slender, she has a androgynous build but is obviously female.

Distinguishing marks: Red eyes are very unusual and her hair is one of a kind.

How do they usually dress: Feminine clothing, if she’s trying to blend she’ll wear whatever is common if she is in ceremonial then long flowing robes and endless jewelry and elaborate hairstyles.

Occupation: Shy is the Voice to the Immortals.

Special abilities: Shy has been reincarnated throughout time and sometimes recalls previous lives. She is the only living mortal that can hear the voices of the Immortals. Shy can also communicate with all life forms and is usually a vegetarian because of this. Because she can communicate with the Immortals she can ask them to help her or others.

Favorites, habits, likes and dislikes: Shy’s main duty is to take the prayers of the people and let the Immortals hear them. When she is not doing this she spends her time wondering and learning, she loves music and nature.

How do they spend their time: When she is not in the temples preying Shy often explores the area around her. She travels to every temple in the world and is on a constant rotation of them. Shy is also known for going into places that need help and bringing them to the attentions of the immortals of mercy and kindness.

Where does your character live: Shy lives in a world where religion is very strong and a proven fact. The Immortals gain or lose power by how many worshipers they have and so they will help mortals to strengthen or keep their numbers high. There is a variety of Immortals, gods and goddesses of everything imaginable, dreams, luck, cleaning, potted plants, ect. There are two major Immortals called the Father and Mother. The Father is a being of light and the Mother is a being of shadow, they are harmonious and balance one another out. All the other immortals are their children.

Notable merits and flaws: Shy takes her duty very seriously but it can weight on her at times. When she is tired or emotional her control slips and she can become overwhelmed but the sheer number of prayers. Regardless of where she is in the world Shy can hear every spoken prayer for the Immortals. There are times when they distract her from where she is presently and she often trails off while talking.

Family history: Shy’s mother was the original Voice to the Immortals but because she recalled every live she grew weary and lonely. She fell in love with a creature that the Immortals made on a whim and then discarded as a monster. When she turned away from her duties to be with him the Mother struck her and her mate down for being disobedient. The Father pitied them however and allowed them remain in the land of the dead together rather than forcing Shy’s mother to reincarnate again. Shy grew into her mothers role and the Mother decided that in order to prevent her from her mother’s choices she took part of Shy’s soul and made her a mate. In every life Shy meets her mate and lives out a happy existence with them. Their gender and looks often change completely however they are always given the name Dai. The name however is common as people are encouraged to use the name if it ever crosses their mind during pregnancy. In fact it is one of the most common names. However Shy can always recognize her mate upon meeting.

When Dai is male he and Shy will often have children. The children are considered blessed by the Immortals and have taken leadership roles in various countries. Throughout the centuries it has happened often enough that Shy and Dai have sired the majority of the world leaders bloodlines.

Character belongs to asmadaima