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Skin Color: Tanned white.

Hair color/style: Black hair with faint green tint, long, mid-shoulder.

Eye color: Green

Build: Tall and lanky, he’s a scholar more than a fighter.

Distinguishing marks: Elf ears, plain silver wedding ring

How do they usually dress: Reserved, Mackenzie spends his time in libraries and teaching so he dresses to match; slacks, cardigans and dress shirts mostly.

Occupation: Archives for the keep of Valor, he’s in charge of all the research needed, maintaining the libraries and giving lectures. He writes non fiction historical books as well.

Special abilities: Mackenzie is very well educated and has an encyclopedic knowledge on various subjects. He knows a very wide variety of languages and cultures.

Favorites, habits, likes and dislikes: Mackenzie likes order and calm in his life, the exception being the chaos his wife, Shiin brings. He’s very curious and likes to learn things. Often he’ll travel with his wife and they spend their time among the people of the culture more then tourist traps. He collects things that are handmade, one of a kind, and typical have a function.

How do they spend their time: Mackenzie is typically in the libraries organizing or in the classroom teachings. He runs the education in Valor and teaches about twenty children of various ages, his own three sons included.

Where does your character live: In a small town that it tucked up in the mountains of BC, Canada. There is a stone keep within the town that his family build and reside in, they precede over the town and are responsible for the people there. His father is the equivalent of the towns lord/mayor.

Notable merits and flaws: Mackenzie is a pacifist and believes in harmony through unity. Because of this he is a weak fighter and better at escaping than standing ground. Raised as one of the few human elf hybrids he was often isolated and alone. As a result he can be possessive and jealous over his wife and children.

Family history: Mackenzie’s father fell in love with a human which was unheard of in the time. She lived out her human lifespan and Mackenzie was still a baby due to his elf heritage when she died of old age. Mackenzie was not formally recognized as his father’s son and so cannot inherit. His father briefly married an elf who gave him a daughter before they had a amicable divorce. Morgan was raised with her father and took to her brother well enough. Despite Mackenzie being the elder sibling, Morgan often looked after and protected him.

When Shiin came to Valor they hit off immediately and eventually married. They have three sons, Eshanna, Morgan, and Kensington.
Character belongs to asmadaima