Character Art Exchange

Reference Marathon 6-7th August

Hey folks!

Some people (myself included) noticed that their reference pictures are getting a tad old, since we're drawing more art for others than for ourselves. Thus, here, an invitation to a challenge:

Next weekend, draw your own characters.

Set a goal, whatever you like. You can leave a comment here listing your goal, if you think that'd help you.

You can drop in the chatroom and see if there's someone for mutual cheering on.

Are you in?
I'll be in chat as long as I can. (Since I'm in Europe, I'll probably be asleep in the American evening.)

My tentative minimum goals:

- A coloured portrait each of Nico and Daaren
- At least sketches of Nico in different outfits.
- Sketch page of Daaren.
- Image (probably shaded pencil) of Elroy that gets the wings right.

Is there anything you folks would like to see? For the long-timers, any currently inactive character you'd like to have back as an option? Something you'd like to have clarified in a profile?
The 6th collides with Do Nothing But Read Day for me, but I may drop in after cleaning the ferret's room on the 7th.

Provided I do, I'll likely be doing some of the characters that have no references at all, starting with Kazhanik, and with an eye to getting a few more profiles up again. (Socks and Myen are pretty strong candidates for getting references and new profiles, as well, because I'm ridiculously fond of them and I never did any "real" art of them at all.)
So it looks like how much time I actually have to be around is up to fate - I was invited over to my parents' for dinner - but I'll pop in if I can.
I always forget this place has a forum. Derp. :V

All the references for my comic characters are still the same, but I need to put up profiles for characters from my new series.

Do Nothing But Read day sounds like fun, so I signed up for that. Thanks quoting_mungo. XD I'll do some drawing on the 7th though.
Awesome. :) I'm glad this is happening! Anyone that doesn't have a profile on this site (and a few that do) needs a new reference, so I'll break out my collection of pose photographs and see what comes of it.
I'll be happy if I can just get refs drawn for a couple of characters that have none. No, strike that; I'll be happy if I can just remember that we're doing this and actually show up and do it. So, yeah, I'm in, assuming I don't forget :D

(That's funny... what did everyone else hit that I didn't that made their posts go along nicely underneath while mine branched out...)
I think the issue is more that you might have been the only one who hit 'Reply' rather than just using the Add Reply box at the bottom of the page. :)
They used the "Add reply" box at the bottom of the page rather than the "reply" link on the first post. I can change that...

Want me to try to remember to send you a reminder email on Saturday morning? XD
How funny, though... isn't every added reply a reply to the original post? But whatever :D

Don't worry about sending me a reminder; I work all day Saturday anyway. I'll just see if I can remember. Thanks, though!!
Aw man I'd love to do this but I'm moving that weekend. Well if I have time I'll try to add the rest of the charcter's from Hero's for a Higher Wage. Can't wait to see everyone's new references.
Sounds like fun. I'd have to check over my site to see what needs updating, but at least I can get the things that are on this page over to the general site. I also found some updated character sketches in my sketchbooks I can scan and color.
Awesome; let's do this. :)

I'll probably be in the chat room all day (have worked the past two weekends and been swamped with errands and it is now my great desire to not leave the house), so if anyone's on, pop by :D
(hit wrong button; double posted - sorry)

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