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Reference marathon?

The eternal thing many of us struggle with is reference - having enough of it to show other people, and having it RECENT enough that you're not embarrassed to put it up (which is why I don't have all my character profiles on the site yet).

Thus, would anyone be interested in setting aside a 24-hour period, or perhaps a weekend, to be a "reference marathon?" We could hang out in the chat room, cheer each other on, and see if we don't get two or three new, good references out of the whole ordeal.
I'd be interested in that. A lot of my current ones are recent -- I took markers and my sketchbook with me over Christmas break -- but some could be updated. And I need to duplicate the ones I have on my website.
I think most of my coloured references date from 2005 or earlier. *cough*

If nothing earlier happens, maybe we could aim at the first weekend in August - the first August is a Monday, so the round should start on that Monday or Tuesday, and I could include an invitation in the notification emails, which would reach people who don't check the forum.
I think the first weekend in August is a good plan - would also give us time to plug to others we know and invite them if they want to join in. (Plus I think I'm actually FREE that weekend XD my late July/August weekends are starting to look nuts)

...and yeah, 2005 was certainly the last time I did a whole, "official" set. This time around it's taking a lot longer since I'm, you know, bothering to differentiate characters in the face and annoying stuff like that ;)
This seems like a pretty good idea. I've got a whole host of characters without references, and an even greater number with just crappy ones. An invitation in the email would be good too, since otherwise I'll forget.

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