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Age: 19 or 20
Build: 5'6
Eye color: green
Hair color: purple

Backstory: She grew up on Earth as a normal girl, but gets thrown into a different universe where some people are able to use this sort of energy/magic that's vaguely elemental-based. She found she excels at "lightning" type energy. Eventually, she is able to travel back and forth between the two worlds, although most people on Earth are oblivious to the existence of the other universe.

On Earth, she's a relatively average college student named Diana. As Diana, she can't use the energy/magic; she has to change to her Rei "form".

Personality: She's friendly but not particularly outgoing. She's smart, but sometimes her common sense fails her. She's a good problem solver but she sometimes has trouble coming to minor decisions. She's a loyal and dependable friend, but she's often self-conscious and often doubts herself. As the story progresses, she gains a lot more confidence.

I have no set outfit/clothing for Rei. She prefers bold colors and clothes that are practical. She'd much rather wear a tank top and comfortable pants than a frilly dress.
Character belongs to violetice
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