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Age: 19 or 20
Height: 5'6
Eye color: yellow
Hair color: red

Backstory: She grew up on Earth as a normal girl, but gets thrown into a different universe where some people are able to use this sort of energy/magic that's vaguely elemental-based. She found she excels at "fire" type energy. Eventually, she is able to travel back and forth between the two worlds, although most people on Earth are oblivious to the existence of the other universe.

On Earth, she's a pretty normal 19/20 year-old named Marsha who probably goes to college but I haven't decided yet. As Marsha, she can't use the energy/magic; she has to change to her Zel "form".

Personality: She's confident, fearless, outgoing, likes to get things done, and is often quick to judge people. Her strong attitude has gotten her into trouble. Although quite a few people like her, she's been called bossy and a bitch many times. Her home life hasn't always been stable, but she tries her best to keep moving forward.

As Zel, she meets five other young woman like her (Ara, Rei, Ivy, Bri and Eva, who will all eventually have profiles here). Zel assumes the role of leader while the six of them figure out why they've been sent to another world, why they can use magic, and what their purpose is.

I have no set outfit/clothing for Zel, but she likes red, orange, gold, and black colors. She went through a brief sort of goth phase in high school and sometimes that shows up in her clothing.
Character belongs to violetice
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