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Age: 19 or 20
Build: 5'6
Eye color: orange
Hair color: blue

Backstory: She grew up on Earth as a normal girl, but gets thrown into a different universe where some people are able to use this sort of energy/magic that's vaguely elemental-based. She found she excels at "water" type energy. Eventually, she is able to travel back and forth between the two worlds, although most people on Earth are oblivious to the existence of the other universe.

On Earth, she's a relatively average college student named Nerissa Ashford. As Nerissa, she has hazel eyes, and long, wavy brown hair. As Nerissa, she can't use the energy/magic; she has to change to her Ara "form".

Personality: She is very shy and reserved. It can take some effort to get her to talk, and as a result she has only a few friends. Her parents are very wealthy and many of her classmates in high school incorrectly considered her a snob. Her parents have been extremely strict. As a result, she has rather low self-esteem and trouble expressing herself and identifying with her peers. She goes along with what the group wants. She tries to put others' feelings before her own to the point where she often gets taken advantage of as a result.

As Ara, she gains more self-confidence, but often falls back to being quiet/passive when faced with a situation she is unsure about. Ara/Nerissa lives basically a double life, and her classmates/parents/Earth people are unaware of Ara's existence.

Notes if you draw her:
As Nerissa, she dresses pretty conservatively (thanks to her parents). As Ara, she's outside the sphere of strict parental control so she experiments a bit more with what she wears.

I have no set outfit/clothing for Ara, but she usually stays away from flashy colors. She prefers blues, grays, and softer earth tones.

Character belongs to violetice
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Ara - water
Ara - copics
Ara - sketch 1
Ara - sketch 2

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