Character Art Exchange

Antoinette Roydan

She tries to keep the crew sane and proper. She TRIES.

Hair Color: Aquamarine
Eye Color: Magenta
Skin Tone: Pale and Pink
Age: 18
Height: 157cm / 5' 2"

Wears a somewhat loose purple sleeveless top that she ties at the bottom to her left side to be more formfitting. Underneath is a skin-tight black t-shirt.

Her skirt is white with leather bands edging the parts that fold over in the design, forming a sort of T shape (see reference picture.) At the end of the skirt is a fishnet fringe.

Her boots are red and come up to under her knee. She has a red belt with shiny white ceramic star-shaped studs.

She has a purple hairband. Her hair is straight aside from the ends which curve in and her bangs, which curve out at the left and right ends of her fringe.

She wears a necklace of shiny red stones. She uses red nail polish and occasionally red or pink lipstick.

Character belongs to Derrot