Character Art Exchange

Tori Derrot

Hyper, obnoxious, sneaky, childish pirate. The pirates probably never would have embarked on this journey to Earth in the first place if it wasn't for her. That is what happens when you let her watch television.

First she just had the writer's first name and hair/eye coloring. Then the writer liked Derrot's hairstyle, copied it for herself and then started going under the pen name Derrot. The character had the last laugh.

Hair color - Reddish gold
Eye color - Jade (Greenish-gray)
Skin tone - Golden tan
Age - 18
Height - 155 cm/ 5' 1"

Wears a black sleeveless shirt with a denim vest over it, but one side of the vest is tied around the top/shoulder of her right arm.

She has fingerless forest green gloves that come up to the middle of her forearm, with a leather band around her wrist that has rounded semi-cylinders poking up out of it.

Her jeans are medium blue, but lighter inside-out, which one can see due to her cuffs being rolled up (she's a shorty, only 155 cm/ 5' 1") and she has leather boots with tan laces. Her belt is leather and its buckle is bright green with two golden diamonds on top of each other in the middle.

She wears her hair layered and wavy. She has a fang on her left side (right side when you are looking at her.)

Character belongs to Derrot