Character Art Exchange

Xerxes H. Doyle

The bossy space pirate captain, and only member of the crew without a special power. But he's good with weapons, so he makes up for it. He thinks he's the most awesome thing in the universe, but GET THAT BUNNY AWAY FROM HIM. It terrifies him.

Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Green
Skin tone: Tan
Age: 19
Height: 175 cm/ 5' 9"

Wears a black sleeveless shirt with purple vest. Over the top half of the vest is fringed tan leather. One star is stitched on each side of the front of the tan leather.

There is a metal cuff under each arm's bicep and bandages wrap his wrists up to the middle of his forearms.

He wears brown boots with tan laces, dark blue jeans, a leather wrap-around patch on his left thigh and a leather holster at his right hip. His belt is also leather, with a gold buckle.

His hair is often spiky in the front with a duck-tail in the back.
Character belongs to Derrot