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Name: F9 (Characters designated by gender and age)

Gender: Female

Age: 9 years

History: F9 comes from a family who has bonded with dragons for many years. As a small child she was unaware of her family's special ability until her grandfather saw potential in her. Her first experience with her dragon left her a fear of small dark places and a large red burn mark that covers the left side of her face, chest and left arm.

Description: F9 is 3'9 and of average weight. She has black hair in a bobbed cut and always wears pink overalls. Since bonding with her dragon she almost never smiles and has become very introverted. F9 had an older brother, 11 years her senior, who she loved very dearly. He died 2 years ago.


Type: a type of Lava dragon that resides in the ocean near the tectonic plates under Hawaii.

Name: Kamamalu

Info: F9 and Malu can not talk to each other but they can feel each other's emotions. Malu's body is always very hot but because he coated her burned arm with his saliva he can now wrap around it without burning her.

Decription: Malu is a dragon with red scales, a white underbelly and a snakelike body. He has 6 arms and a Chinese dragon head with whiskers. He is two feet in length.
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