Character Art Exchange

Evelyn Richter

Based in a city where all children in 7th grade take the
Inherent Heroic Opportunity Parameter test(or The IHOP for short),
and are selected to be either heroes, villains or the average joe.

Name: Evelyn Richter

Gender: female

Class: Villain

Species: human

Age: 27

Personality: calculating and stern in the office but
with a general apathetic outlook on life.

About: Evelyn comes from a family of villain judges. She's
has been working at Mr.V's firm for the past 4 years and even though she
graduated top of her class from one of the best villain law schools
around, she's still considered a paid intern or basically Mr.V's go-to girl.
For being so serious she can get pretty oblivious to things around her,
like the fact that the office mail boy is actually a super genius who's had a
crush on her for the last 16 years.
Likes spiders, greasy Chinese food and staying home after work to watch
old noir films with her pet ferret, Bartholomew. Hates people who don't speak up for themselves.

Description: 5'6, short black hair that reaches her neck, black
eyes, wears glasses all the time, usually wears goth styled office clothes.
Usually wears at least one article of clothing that's red.
Character belongs to orongish