Character Art Exchange

Aaron Jerricks

Based in a city where all children in 7th grade take the
Inherent Heroic Opportunity Parameter test(or The IHOP for short),
and are selected to be either heroes, villains or the average joe.

Name: Aaron Jerricks

Gender: male

Class: Villian

Species: human

Age: 24

Personality: A super computer genius with as many self-esteem issues as
he has smarts, Aaron is a 24 year old villain mail boy who works at a villain
law firm during the day and secretly manages The City's finances from the safety
of his home computer at night. The least villainous villain you will ever met,
Aaron has been in love with Evelyn Richter ever since he was 8 years old, when
saw her in his IHOP testing group. After graduating from villain high school at
14 he started secretly doing good deeds from his grandmother's basement
like keeping The City's economy stable and making sure The City's animal
shelter's got a yearly increase in funds. At 20 he decided to apply for a job
at a law firm where Evelyn was being hired and that's where he has been
for the last 4 years. He has the problem of stuttering whenever Evelyn is
within 30 yards of him but he is usually known for his mature, kind and meek
attitude. He often goes out for drinks with his best friend and assigned
arch-nemesis, Rigby, a small time hero politician who dreams of world domination.

Description: 6'2, light slightly curly short blond hair, green eyes,
thin, wears roller blades around the office, LOVES sweater vests, kittens
and brussel sprouts. HATES tequila and finding old gum underneath tables.

Character belongs to orongish