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Ian Brekem

Ian stands at 6'1" and sports a muscular body build. He has black hair, blue eyes, and a tan skin tone- almost turkish in ethnicity.

A cyan simplistic bar designed tattoo is located on his right pec.


Ian Brekem is a sadistic sociopath, and true to that, he is extremely charming on surface level. It's only when you get to know him, or happen to be unlucky enough to be roomed with or immediately near him, that you get to learn of a different kind of beast.

He's highly narcissistic as well, but tends to be rather amiable in most situations. That said, he does make enemies easily. But his physique and strength would definitely make someone think twice about stirring the pot. Especially combined with rumours of his dark nature.

Ian's been convicted of life and serves out his years in a labour camp penal colony. Through a little manipulation, he's managed a fairly good spot for himself that would give way to more desired pursuits...


Ian shares history with Dermut Gottschalk. As his roommate and a tough, masochistic cockroach of a man, Ian swiftly claimed him as his prag. But Ian ended up falling in a strange sort of love with Dermut, a feeling which was most definitely not mutual.

When Dermut accepted the offer to enter forced military service in a project with little to no survival rate expectations, Ian took it as intentional betrayal. If Dermut doesn't die on the battlefield, Ian intends to find him and do it himself.
Character belongs to Ji Tusk
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