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Dermut Gottschalk

Dermut Gottschalk is muscular, although not especially toned around the middle like a beauty body builder, and he stands at 5'10"/178cm. His hair is black and his eyes are a muddy green.

Dermut has an extensive arm sleeve tattoo on both arms, brass in colour, and sport a network of technical circuitry, clockwork gears, and metal plates. Gryphons extend from the arm sleeves over his pecs.

(Note: The brass tattoos are in the process of being redesigned, the actual tattoo reference may be inaccurate)

Cyan bars are tattooed onto his forehead and either corner of his lower lip. He sports a tramp stamp in much the same design in the same colour. Dermut also has lime green capped surface piercings over his sternum, either side of his spine in the small of his back, and on the other sides of his thighs.

His entire left arm is disfigured with scars, burns, divets in his flesh, and old cuts.

Sometimes he fancies sporting cyan coloured nails.


Although he hides it very well, Dermut suffers from a biological misinterpretation of pain signals as pleasure. Though he goes through lengths to prevent physical confrontation, his peculiarity ends up attracting the worst kinds. It's not uncommon to see him with cuts and bruises or a black eye.

Dermut is the kind of person who lacks many morals or judgement. He has and will do just about anything for some kind of personal gain- usually money. He's extremely casual about any and every "taboo" or "mature" subject and has probably personally experienced just about everything that could embarrass or disgust a person.

The only other thing to be said about his personality is this:
He's pretty queer.


Dermut shares an abusive history with Ian Brekem, who was his cell mate during his incarceration in a labour penal colony. Ian claimed him as his prag and Ian still sees things that way.
Character belongs to Ji Tusk
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